Tower Hamlets Lib Dems welcome endorsement from over 50 British business leaders

Local Liberal Democrats say they’re encouraged by a letter from over 50 business leaders to the Times newspaper last week backing the party’s candidates over their stance on keeping Britain in the Single Market and Customs Union. Poplar & Limehouse’s Lib Dem candidate, Elaine Bagshaw, says it’s particularly critical for a constituency that hosts everything from successful start-ups to large multinationals in Canary Wharf.


“The letter is both a welcome endorsement, but a dire warning, too,” says Bagshaw. “We’re happy to have the leaders of so many successful British businesses behind our campaign, but they’ve also reminded us how the consequences of leaving the Single Market are very real. Once again, we have another Tory policy - supported by our incumbent Labour MP in his Article 50 vote - that will hit Poplar & Limehouse even harder than the rest of the country, despite more than two-thirds of Tower Hamlets having voted Remain.”


The letter endorses the Liberal Democrats as “the only party speaking for business and the majority of Britons on the key issue at this election.” The business leaders go on to warn that it is not possible to have a ‘Hard Brexit’ and a strong economy at the same time.

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