Streets we can be proud of

I want us to live in a borough that we can be proud of. That means we should be able to walk around the borough without being confronted by dumped rubbish; dirty mattresses and overflowing bins.

From talking to people over the last few weeks it seems that whilst the problems are being reported, no-one is responding to them. This leads to rubbish covered streets and the problems this causes - foul smells and attracting vermin like rats and foxes.

It doesn’t need to be this way, and as Mayor I’ll take some simple yet effective steps to make sure that you’re living in a clean and attractive borough:

  1. Improving how the Council finds out about problems - making sure this is as easy as possible for residents by improving the website and allowing reports to be made through social media
  2. Committing to minimum response times - rubbish should be cleared within a day of it being reported, and we should go back to the people that reported an issue to confirm this has been done
  3. Tackling fly tipping - some areas, such as the Whitham Walk estate, suffer due to fly tipping. We should work with residents in these areas to tackle the problem, for example by installing CCTV in areas where it is a particular issue
  4. Making sure there are enough bins on our estates
  5. Working with neighbouring boroughs such as Hackney and Newham to improve the efficiency of this service and reduce cost, so that we have more money to invest in services for vulnerable people, such as social care for the elderly 

I want everyone here to be proud of this borough. No-one should be confronted by large amounts of rubbish in the street on a regular basis. I want to create an innovative council that is working for residents. 

A vote for Elaine Bagshaw on June 11th is a vote for a better Tower Hamlets. 

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