Stay in the Single Market to stop “Brexit Squeeze” says Poplar & Limehouse Lib Dem

Lib Dem canvassers in Tower Hamlets say there’s been a noticeable increase in the number of residents they speak to raising concerns over higher and higher grocery store bills; a problem they say staying in the Single Market would help solve.


The Bank of England also warned this last week it now expects salaries to be up to £1000 a year less as businesses either leave the country or put off raises until they see what kind of Brexit deal Britain gets. Over the same time period, government statistical offices have recorded price increases of around 30 percent for many vegetables, and as high as 60 percent for fruits, like strawberries.


“It’s often called a ‘Brexit Squeeze, but in Poplar & Limehouse, it’s more like a vice,” says Lib Dem candidate, Elaine Bagshaw. “We have so many families here that are already struggling to make ends meet. Their wages are freezing right as the pound falls--sending those grocery bills up. A living wage is very important, but without a plan to address fast, rising prices, it’s a half-done job.


“Staying in the Single Market would signal clearly that Britain is open for business and help halt the pound’s fall. That’s going to keep those grocery bills from wrecking already thin household budgets.


“Yet despite this, and our emphatic constituency vote to remain in the EU, the incumbent Labour MP voted with the Tories to trigger the process of taking us out of it. Tower Hamlets Liberal Democrats believe that’s against our local interests, as well as our votes, and that’s why we’re fighting this election to keep us in the Single Market.”

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