Protecting private tenants

More people are renting privately now than ever before. I’ve talked at length about my plans to provide more affordable homes in the borough, but I also want to make sure that private tenants are protected from rogue landlords. 

I want to see a licensing scheme rolled out across the borough, so landlords would have to have to have a license to operate in Tower Hamlets. This would guarantee that landlords couldn’t rent out properties that were damp or had other problems making them unsafe or unhealthy for people to live in. It would mean that all properties being rented out privately would have to meet the standards that Houses of Multiple Occupancy currently need to.


As part of the scheme I’d create a website so that tenants could rate and leave feedback on landlords, and landlords could do the same for tenants. These reviews could be appealed if either party felt they were unfair. I’d make sure that the team dealing with this at the Council was resourced well enough to investigate reports from tenants of licenses being breached and landlords operating without one.

I believe in a better borough that is built on homes and communities, rather than hundreds of high rises and rogue landlords.

A vote for Elaine Bagshaw is a vote for a better Tower Hamlets on June 11th.


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