On losing Charles Kennedy

Everyone on the team has been shocked and devastated by the loss of Charles Kennedy this week. 

He was much loved by everyone in the Liberal Democrat family, and we miss his humour, charisma and the way he could connect with people outside the Westminster bubble. 

I'll always remember Charles for the stance he took against the Iraq War. For my generation, that was for many the first time that people became engaged in politics and looked for a leader willing to stand by what they believed in no matter what. And for so many people that leader was Charles. Having the courage to stand up for what you believe in in the face of united Tory and Labour leadership and the establishment press is an example that many involved in politics now would benefit from following.

His stance against the Iraq War and the undermining of our civil liberties in the name of security after 9/11, was incredibly important to people in Tower Hamlets, and we will continue the fight in his honour. 

To say it's tragic he was taken from us so young feels like an understatement. Our thoughts are with Sarah, Donald and the rest of the family at this time.

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