Enderby Wharf plans should be stopped

On Wednesday 26th August the Mayor is making a planning decision as to whether to approve the Enderby Cruise terminal in Greenwich.

Local residents have been fighting against the building of the new terminal, and have continued fighting despite the application being approved by Greenwich Borough Council. As only the Mayor has the power to overturn this decision, Wednesday is the final chance for local residents to be protected from the noise and significant air pollution that would result from the opening of the terminal.

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Time for a fresh start in Tower Hamlets

As we enter the final hours of campaigning, Elaine Bagshaw reflected on the campaign so far, saying “We’ve staged an incredible fightback here in Tower Hamlets over the past few weeks. We’ve had contacts with over 7,000 residents and the videos that have formed part of our digital campaign have had over 35,000 views. We’ve had over a hundred people come and help, including Tim Farron MP, Norman Lamb MP, Tom Brake MP and Caroline Pidgeon, London Assembly Member.”

Elaine and her team have used what they’ve heard from local residents to help them build their new ideas and vision for the borough. 


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Streets we can be proud of

I want us to live in a borough that we can be proud of. That means we should be able to walk around the borough without being confronted by dumped rubbish; dirty mattresses and overflowing bins.

From talking to people over the last few weeks it seems that whilst the problems are being reported, no-one is responding to them. This leads to rubbish covered streets and the problems this causes - foul smells and attracting vermin like rats and foxes.

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Protecting private tenants

More people are renting privately now than ever before. I’ve talked at length about my plans to provide more affordable homes in the borough, but I also want to make sure that private tenants are protected from rogue landlords. 

I want to see a licensing scheme rolled out across the borough, so landlords would have to have to have a license to operate in Tower Hamlets. This would guarantee that landlords couldn’t rent out properties that were damp or had other problems making them unsafe or unhealthy for people to live in. It would mean that all properties being rented out privately would have to meet the standards that Houses of Multiple Occupancy currently need to.


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Cleaning up our rotten Town Hall

One of the things that’s become clear to me when I’ve been knocking on doors with my team over the past couple weeks, is that local people have lost faith that the Council is working for them and that it’s working fairly.

It’s completely understandable, and absolutely unacceptable that things have gotten this bad, but I want to let people know that their voices have not gone unheard.

I want everyone to be able to have faith in the Council again, in our Tower Hamlets again. I want people to believe that they are getting value for money and that when you need help from the Council it’s there for you.

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Building a borough driven by opportunity

Our young people deserve a chance to reach their potential, but in order for them to do that; we need to provide them with the opportunities to succeed. We don’t have to accept the fact that we have the second highest unemployment rate in London. We can do better and it’s time for a fresh start and new ideas in the Mayor’s office. 

I believe in a better Tower Hamlets, one that has thriving communities and opportunities for all. I want to transform the way we operate and make us a role model that other boroughs aspire to be like.


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