My Values

Courage, Innovation and Partnership.

They are the principles that define my character. Each as important as the next, they are the core values that shape my life and guide my politics.


Courage means doing the right thing, not the easy thing. We’ve all had to make choices in our lives, choices that have shaped who we are and how we see the world. We have to decide how to balance the demands of work and family. How to afford the increasing London house prices. And how we participate in our community. Life is about these choices and responding with courage reveals our integrity.

As a regulator, I spent six years making difficult decisions and holding the banks to account. Faced with the peril of payday lenders, it took courage to stand up and protect the victims of their exploitation. Fighting for consumer rights was never going to be the easy thing to do — but it was the right thing to do. Our community needs a candidate who has the courage to make these decisions and the skills to do so effectively.


I believe that when the status quo isn’t working for local people — it should be challenged. That’s why I value innovation. We can’t simply look backwards in the hope that the problems of this century can be met by the solutions of the last.

Conventional thinking says our community will just accept things how they’ve always been — but conventional thinking is wrong. I have no doubt that our community can overcome the tired politics of an era gone by, to meet the demands of today. Through innovation, we can fight the worn ideas of yesterday.


Pollution, employment, and crime pay little attention to the lines on a map. That’s why we should partner with our neighbouring boroughs to address the common problems shared by us all. Only by working together can we tackle London’s obstacles with scale and support.

The past few years have been a failure of Labour and Conservative leadership, not a failure of the City & East community. Just think of what we could have done if we were united and worked together. That’s why this campaign can’t only be about me — it must be about us.

If you think, like I think, that it’s time to build truly affordable homes — then I’ll work with you. If you worry, like I worry, about our borough’s increasing knife crime — then I’ll work with you. And if you know, like I know, that every child deserves the best start they can at learning and life — then I’ll work with you.

Our future can be better and brighter. A future with a new definition of affordable housing so that everyone can call somewhere home.  A future where the streets at night are free from intimidation. A future where every child gets the support they need to reach their potential.

You have a choice. You can accept things as they are, or you can vote for change. Together we can build a better future. Vote for that future on May 5th. Vote Elaine Bagshaw for our City and East and Caroline Pidgeon and the Liberal Democrats for London.


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