Liberal Democrats launch campaign to solve the crisis in NHS and social care.

New figures highlight the problem of NHS ‘bed blocking’ in Tower Hamlets.

Norman Lamb calls for cross party commission.

The funding crisis in social care means more patients than ever before are stuck in hospital beds longer than they need to be, adding pressure to local hospitals.

George Osborne is forcing local councils to pick up the costs of social care, and Labour's John Biggs, Mayor of Tower Hamlets, is using this as a reason to increase your Council Tax by 4%.

Bed blocking figures show that in City & East on 31st October there were 36 people stuck in hospital beds, despite being well enough to be discharged or transferred to social care.

In October there were over a thousand days lost to the NHS because a patient was stuck in a hospital bed longer than they needed.

Elaine Bagshaw, Liberal Democrat London Assembly Candidate for City & East, joined Liberal Democrat Health Spokesperson Norman Lamb to call for a national cross party commission to tackle the funding crisis.

Launching the campaign, Elaine said:

“It is shocking that in a county like Britain, people cannot be cared for in their homes and end up being stuck in hospital.

"What's worse is that this means other people cannot be seen by the NHS. It's a shambles.”

Norman Lamb said:“The NHS and social care face an existential crisis. Demand for services continues to rise year on year but funding is failing to keep up. The position in social care is perhaps even more serious.

“Growing pressures on services are so severe that all parties must come together to fundamentally re-think how we can guarantee the future of the NHS and social care services.

“The Government cannot avoid this issue any longer. Establishing this commission will show they are serious about protecting these vital public services.”

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Figures for 31 October 2015 by Borough:

Tower Hamlets: 16

Barking & Dagenham: 12

Newham: 8

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