Labour Looking After Themselves

Your local Labour Councillors have given themselves paid roles, and a pay rise for the Labour Mayor. This is after raising our Council Tax to £920.85 a year* and cutting local services.

Residents are angry at news that Labour councillors have given themselves extra cash and fancy job titles. This comes after they voted to increase people's Council Tax to over £920 a year. At the time they said the money was to protect local services, but it doesn't look that way now.

“Labour only look after themselves”, said Elaine Bagshaw, Lib Dems Parliamentary spokesperson for Poplar & Limehouse. “Services for local people have been cut. Council tax has increased. The Commissioners are still in our town hall. If the Government is still running the Council why do Labour members need higher pay?

Residents pay more and get less, while Labour’s Town Hall bosses just look after themselves. It’s an utter disgrace and obvious they don’t care about our communities.”

The only way to fight this is for local residents to join the Liberal Democrats:

*(for a Band D property)

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