Labour abandons on local and national duty

Labour is failing us.  Locally, nationally, and internationally.

Locally, the housing list for Tower Hamlets beggars’ belief. Labour ran our borough for 20 years before the 2014 election. With close to a year back in power, 25,000 families still remain on the housing waiting list.

It's gone on for so many years you can't blame Conservative spending cuts.  This waiting list was happening under the Labour Governments of Blair and Brown as well.  Labour have completely failed to tackle the problem. It's incompetence. 

It gets worse. Nationally, in the House of Commons this week, there was a chance to resettle 3,000 unaccompanied children fleeing war in Syria.  These children are at risk of exploitation, child prostitution, slavery, rape and murder.  Any parent would recoil with horror at the thought of our own children in such circumstances.  The moral duty for us to help these children is clear.  Yet what happened when there was a chance to force the Government to do their duty?

Not enough Labour MPs turned up to vote.  At least 20 were missing. These missing Labour MPs could have defeated the Government:

Meanwhile, back in Tower Hamlets, how many Syrian refugees have settled in our borough?


Let that sink in.

If the UK took in 3,000 child refugees, there would be 6 re-homed in each parliamentary constituency.  That's at most 12 vulnerable children coming to Tower Hamlets.

Worse still, the money is there. Government covers the costs of resettling a refugee for the first 12 months.  Due to Labour incompetence, the money remains sat in some civil servants budget. Tied up in red tape, whilst our local Labour politicians refuse to act. 

We have a chance to change all this.  The Lords, supported by Liberal Democrat peers, voted to amend the Immigration Bill and send it back to the Commons, giving us another chance to help these vulnerable children across Europe.

There are three things you can now do.

Contact your Labour MP to insist they turn up for the vote, and encourage ALL their colleagues to do the same. You can find their contact details by entering your postcode here:

Get involved in your local community, to campaign to reduce the housing waiting list.  Join your residents association. Contact your local councillor to lobby them to put it right. Join the hard working Liberal Democrat team campaigning to make a real difference in our borough.  I have a vision for better homes in our borough. You can read about it here:

You can vote for a better future in Tower Hamlets on May 5th. Vote for Elaine Bagshaw on your yellow ballot paper, and for Caroline Pidgeon's London Liberal Democrats on your orange ballot paper.

Let's send a strong message to Tower Hamlets incompetent Labour elite that the status quo is unacceptable.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Whatever your politics, local people, including local children, and vulnerable children abroad deserve better.

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