Farron: Labour take ethnic minority votes for granted

Liberal Democrat Leader, Tim Farron, has criticised Labour, claiming their record and reputation amongst ethnic minority communities is in tatters.


With Labour’s vote share among ethnic minorities collapsing and the Conservatives lurching to the right, the Liberal Democrats have a huge opportunity to win swathes of ethnic minority voters. Support for the Liberal Democrats saw a significant boost in 2003 when they were the only party to campaign against the invasion of Iraq, backed at the time by the Labour government, including the current, local Labour MP.


Speaking during an event at Westminster Synagogue, Tim Farron said:


"Labour have been taking Britain’s ethnic minority communities for granted for far too long.


“Even before Brexit, it was an open secret that Labour weren’t engaging with certain communities, because they felt ethnic minorities would vote for them regardless. Even their own MP Chuka Umunna has admitted that.


“But now that Labour have waved the white flag on Brexit and given Theresa May a blank cheque to choose the hardest and most divisive form of Brexit – I want to openly say to Labour voters – join us.”


On the Conservatives, Tim said:


“UKIP might as well take the rest of the election off, because the Tories are fighting their campaign for them.


“We have a Conservative MP who admits to negotiating with UKIP and praises their proposed ban on burkas. Progressive Conservatives need to ask themselves if there is any difference between the Conservative Party and the vile prejudice of UKIP.


“The only opposition to these three Brexit-style parties is the Liberal Democrats. There is a clear choice at this election to keep Britain open, tolerant and united – and that is to vote Liberal Democrat.”


Elaine Bagshaw, Parliamentary Candidate for Poplar & Limehouse said:


“I know from talking to our Bengali, Somali and other ethnic minority communities in Tower Hamlets that they are tired of being taken for granted by Labour. They have lent them their support before, because they thought Labour would deliver for them, and instead they’ve been let down.


“If elected, I will keep working to engage with the local concerns of all residents in Poplar & Limehouse, ensure that Britain steps up on international issues, such as the refugee crisis and foster an open, tolerant and united community in Tower Hamlets.”

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