Will you vote for a fresh start?

Elaine Bagshaw is prepared to be your local MP. 

Elaine is the candidate to fight the Hard Brexit Poplar & Limehouse can’t afford and doesn’t want. As your MP, I will campaign for Britain’s place in the Single Market, a public say on any final deal with Brussels and to protect the rights of EU citizens who have made Britain their home. Read more here

Elaine's younger brother was saved by the NHS, and she has worked in one of its property companies for six month. She knows first hand how important it is to make sure it gets the money it needs. She has listened to local GPs about what they need and is backing the Lib Dems plan that will generate an extra £6 billion for the NHS. Watch what GPs told her here 

Elaine has spoken to many constituents over the past two years and housing comes up again and again. Elaine wants to make sure "affordable" housing is truly affordable, and that we build infrastructure as well as homes. Read more here

Can Elaine count on your vote on Thursday 8 June?

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Yes, I support Richard Flowers.
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