Cleaning up our rotten Town Hall

One of the things that’s become clear to me when I’ve been knocking on doors with my team over the past couple weeks, is that local people have lost faith that the Council is working for them and that it’s working fairly.

It’s completely understandable, and absolutely unacceptable that things have gotten this bad, but I want to let people know that their voices have not gone unheard.

I want everyone to be able to have faith in the Council again, in our Tower Hamlets again. I want people to believe that they are getting value for money and that when you need help from the Council it’s there for you.

I know this won’t be an easy thing to do, trust is a difficult thing to win back, and it can only be done gradually, and with proof of action.

I have a plan of action, a plan to prove that the Council is working for residents. It starts by working with the commissioners currently in the Town Hall to review what they’ve found and to understand what measures they recommend we put in place to stop this situation from ever happening again.

Then I will to speak to the staff at the Council. I can only imagine what it’s been like for the majority of staff over the past few months, as their every move and decision is questioned and judged. I want staff to be proud to work for our Council and to feel safe in speaking up about problems they see. I’ll strengthen the Whistleblowing policy at the Council to ensure that staff feel supported and protected when speaking out, and that they are free from reprisals.

In order to move on, we need to work together to rebuild the trust that has been lost. The Tower Hamlets Council should be working for residents; it should be something we can all be proud off.

A vote for Elaine Bagshaw on June 11th is a vote for a better Tower Hamlets.

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