Building a borough driven by opportunity

Our young people deserve a chance to reach their potential, but in order for them to do that; we need to provide them with the opportunities to succeed. We don’t have to accept the fact that we have the second highest unemployment rate in London. We can do better and it’s time for a fresh start and new ideas in the Mayor’s office. 

I believe in a better Tower Hamlets, one that has thriving communities and opportunities for all. I want to transform the way we operate and make us a role model that other boroughs aspire to be like.


In order to do this we need to make changes, some big, and some small. One of these changes is to close East End Life, the free Council newspaper, and take the £1.5 million a year that it costs to run and instead use that money to create apprenticeships for the young people in our borough. These apprenticeships would pay London Living Wage so that you’re paid a proper wage for a proper days work.

Whilst some residents find the Council paper useful, I think there are better ways for the Council to get its message across to local residents, and better things we can spend our money on that will make a difference to people.

These apprenticeships would be across the council. I’ll work with developers so that when we are building new homes in the borough, our young people can learn useful skills on the sites that they can use to build a career.

Other apprenticeships will be office-based, so that young people learn skills such as project management and finance, which they can then take with them into their future professions.

I want to build a better borough that is driven by opportunity, and this is one of the things that I’ll do to achieve this.

A vote for me on the 11 June is a vote for a better Tower Hamlets.

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