Building a Better Future: transport

I believe we must invest in London’s future with bold, new transport initiatives to keep London moving in the twenty-first century. The policies I’ve laid out not only reduce the congestion of the morning commute, but also have significant benefits to air quality and public health.

Half Price Before Half Seven.

Half price fares before 7:30am will keep London moving and provide better transportation to support our communities. This will help some of our City’s lowest paid workers and help tackle overcrowding by encouraging people to start their journeys before 7:30am.

A Sensible Approach to Uber.

Technology and innovation have triggered a fundamental change in our city’s transport systems and there’s no going back. We must adapt our policies to a new and changing world while holding fast to our bedrock principles of fairness and competition.

Better Airports for London.

London needs better run airports, not bigger airports. By making use of the spare runway capacity in the South East, we can ensure that the UK keeps its excellent international connections.

Our city needs a representative who can seize the opportunities of today to build a better future. A future where the morning commute is made a little easier and costs a little less. A future where we embrace technology while promoting an equal playing field. A future for London on the move. That can be our future.

You have a choice. You can accept things as they are, or you can vote for change. Together we can build a better future. Vote for that future on May 5th. Vote Elaine Bagshaw for our City and East and Caroline Pidgeon and the Liberal Democrats for London.

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