Building a Better Future: reducing crime

I believe that when people are safe and secure they are more likely to play a positive role in their communities and succeed in life. My plan to tackle crime will support local police officers and help lessen the violence our community faces. Together, we can work to reduce risk, prevent threats and support victims. I’m committed to working towards a London where every child is safe and every person sleeps a little easier. Here’s my plan, a Liberal Democrat plan, for our future:

Stop Racial Targeting.

Keeping our community safe is a priority shared by us all, yet the current stop and search procedures continue to unfairly target minorities. It’s time to end the racial discrimination of these practices and promote safety through inclusion, not danger by division

Tackle Knife Crime.

As police budgets shrink, London’s knife crime grows. Increasing 14% under Boris Johnson, we can no longer afford the irresponsible policies of the Conservatives. They’re harming our community and putting our young people at risk.

Curb Anti-Social Behaviour.

We need an anti-social behaviour policy that confronts the problem today and prevents it tomorrow. That’s why I’ll fight to balance our immediate policing efforts with a long-term investment in youth services.

I have no illusions that this will be easy. Creating a safer future will take a huge amount of effort and support from the whole community. But I know it’s a future worth fighting for. A future where the streets are safe for everyone. A future where we commit to tackling knife crime and promote a strong sense of community. It’s a future that can be ours and a future that we deserve.

You have a choice. You can accept things as they are, or you can vote for change. Together we can build a better future. Vote for that future on May 5th. Vote Elaine Bagshaw for our City and East and Caroline Pidgeon and the Liberal Democrats for London.

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