Building a Better Future: our homes


That’s the number of people in City & East currently waiting for council homes. A number that has continued to rise under a failing Labour and Conservative leadership on our Councils. Through incompetence, ignorance and neglect that’s the number that will define them.

Although the Councils have ignored that number, I can’t do the same. Because where some see a growing number, I see people in need. Put simply, the current Councils aren’t listening; the Labour party isn’t listening, but I am. Because 47,507 isn’t just a number for the Councils to ignore — it is our friends, our family and our neighbours. Everyone should have the opportunity to call somewhere home and I’m grateful that City & East is mine.

That’s why I’m running for the GLA and this is my plan, a Liberal Democrat plan, for our homes:

Crackdown on Rogue Landlords.

I believe that it’s time to stand up to rogue landlords who exploit the London housing crisis. That’s why I’m working with Liberal Democrats across London on a licensing scheme that will stop Rogue Landlords from taking advantage of innocent tenants. This will protect local residents from the unsafe, unhealthy and unfair rental practices that are hurting our community. It will mean that every single privately rented home meets the high standards that you and your family deserve.

Build Truly Affordable Homes.

In Tower Hamlets, to have any hope of getting an affordable home you’ll need a minimum household income of about £31,000. Yet the median income is less than £30,000 and 20% of families live on £15,000 a year or less. This grossly unrealistic figure proves how out of touch the Councils are. We need new ideas, new leadership and a new definition so that everyone has the opportunity to buy or rent truly affordable homes.

Social Housing Before Second Homes.

I believe that homes for local people should be built before luxury penthouses for foreign investors. Local families are being priced out of the area, which means the next generation of families have no chance of getting on the housing ladder. While wealthy investors can have a seat at the table, they shouldn’t get to buy every chair. That’s why every new housing development needs to have at least 50% social housing. Local residents should come first and they should never be ignored.

Our future can be better and brighter. A future with a new definition of affordable housing so that everyone can call somewhere home. A future where rogue landlords no longer exploit the innocent tenants just trying to make rent. A future where local people come before wealthy tycoons. It won’t be easy, but together we can build that future.

You have a choice. You can accept things as they are, or you can vote for change. Together we can build a better future. Vote for that future on May 5th. Vote Elaine Bagshaw for our City and East and Caroline Pidgeon and the Liberal Democrats for London.

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