Building a Better Future: Europe

Our country faces a choice. A choice between in or out. A choice between leading or leaving. A choice between community or isolation. I’m proud to support the #StrongerIn campaign and a Britain that has a seat at the table and a voice in the room. Here’s why:

Stronger Economy.

Being part of Europe makes our economy stronger. It helps British businesses small and large, creates jobs for British people, and delivers lower prices for British families.

Stronger Leadership.

On the world stage, shaping Britain’s future means having a say in Europe’s future and influencing its decisions. We can only do this by participating and representing our British values.

Stronger Security.

Keeping Britain safe is a priority for us all. Our security is strengthened through the European partnerships we’ve developed over time. To throw that away would isolate the UK as our neighbours unite.

Europe isn’t perfect. But the test is not perfection. The true test of Europe is whether we are able to recognise its failings and work together to overcome its challenges. We can only build a better future for our country and continent by playing an active role. A future where we work toward our common goals and protect against our common threats. I’m proud to support our future in Europe. It’s a future of inclusion. And a future of prosperity. Because we’re stronger together. And we’re #StrongerIn.

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