A Sad Day for Religious Freedom

Elaine Bagshaw, Liberal Democrat City and East candidate, condemns the scaremongering and bigotry surrounding the declining of a proposal for a prayer room at Dagenham’s May and Baker sports and social club.

Elaine said, “it is a sad day for freedom of religion when proposals are turned down based on the type of religion”. “It seems to me to that this is an example of meekly giving in to ignorance and fear instead of leading by example”.

Elaine also questioned why the Local Labour party has remained silent on the issue, “Whilst the campaign against it may have been UKIP led, it seems that the local Labour party have shamefully not had the guts to stand up for people’s rights to peacefully practice their beliefs. They continue to ask for peoples vote’s, but will not be their voice when it matters most.”

In order to ensure freedom of religion, Elaine Bagshaw and the City and East Liberal Democrats are calling for religion blind planning applications so that what needs to be applied for is a place of worship.

Elaine finished, “The Liberal Democrats will always fight for all of the residents of City and East regardless of their religion. Together we can build a better future”.

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