Elaine Bagshaw – your Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate

LRM_EXPORT_20170430_162959_(1).jpgI am immensely proud to be standing as the Liberal Democrats parliamentary candidate for Poplar and Limehouse. Before you decide to vote for me you would probably like to know a bit about me and what I stand for.

About me

I was born in Devon and grew up in Nottingham. There's me, my younger brother, Mum, Dad and our dog Buddy in the family now. Once I finished university, I moved to London to intern for Baroness Lynne Featherstone who was then the MP for Hornsey and Wood Green. After this, I spent six and a half years working in financial services regulation and two years ago moved into consulting. I now help companies work out how technology can make them more efficient and better places to work.

Why the Liberal Democrats

I grew up in a pretty poor and deprived part of the country. The chances I got through my education are why I'm here today and why I joined the Lib Dems - we believe in making sure young people get the support they need right from starting school to when they leave, and giving everyone the chance to achieve their potential.

Working in the community from a young age

I’ve always been keen on getting stuck in and helping out in my local community. I started on my local Youth Council at 17, and was a Youth Trustee on the Board of Connexions back in Nottingham. We did everything from influencing how youth services were run to helping choose the design of the town's Market Square. Locally, I've been campaigning to get graffiti removed from around the Limehouse Cut canal; supported anti-racism campaigns and marches. I have also been working to hold the Council to account after they received a failing Ofsted report for their children's services to ensure our children have a brighter future.

I will fight for the local issues that affect us most


Brexit will hit us hard in this area. Finance and technology firms are already looking to move out of the area, taking jobs and money with them. I'll fight to keep us in the single market to reduce the impact on the area and work with the Council to assess the impact and make sure we have plans in place to support local people as much as possible. 


I've worked in the NHS for the past six months so I know first-hand how much it needs additional funding and resource. I'll fight for our 1p on income tax policy to get the extra £31.2 million per year into the NHS in Tower Hamlets.

Child poverty

Child poverty is a huge issue. We have the worst rate in the country despite having Canary Wharf here and the wealth of the City on our doorstep. Housing drives a lot of this as our shortage in the area means that many people are living in overcrowded accommodation. I want us to build more council and social housing, and I'll work to change the definition of "affordable" housing so that it is actually affordable for local people. I'll fight Conservative cuts to schools funding as well to make sure our children get the support they need and deserve.

My first action as your MP

Should I be privileged enough to be elected your MP, my first action will be to draft a private members bill that will change the definition of affordable housing to something that's truly affordable in London.

What you really want to know….

After the revelations around what poster Tim Farron had on his bedroom wall growing up, I’m sure you want to know who was on mine. It was Buffy the Vampire Slayer.